New Content? Pings for You

Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are constantly looking for new content to index and rank. How do we bloggers get our content indexed quickly so we reach the widest audience possible in the shortest timeframe?


When it comes to helping bloggers share their content with a wider audience quickly delivers starting where it really counts. makes search engine verification easy and that means we bloggers have access to search engine webmaster tools that provide detailed information and statistics about our blogs.

Our blogs are search friendly and each one has a an XML Sitemap for Search Engines, which you can access at

” Last week turned on sitemap pings for our millions of hosted blogs. Now, immediately after you publish or delete a page or post, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. These immediate notifications help the major search engines receive your new content as quickly as possible (often within seconds) so your blog can show up in search results faster. We send sitemap update notifications to major search engines every time your site content changes. Each post edit or approved comment results in a new notification. This update frequency is the preferred behavior of search engines interested in discovering fresh content without needing to revisit your blog unnecessarily.” — Niall Kennedy

” Post updates are sent through Ping-o-Matic!, a ping relay tool owned by the WordPress Foundation, to major feed reader and blog search engines. Our Publicize feature updates your Yahoo! and Twitter accounts with a short summary and a link back to your blog content. These are just some of the ways helps you find your audience. “